New Quilt

Hello! I thought it would be fun to post a blog as a fairly new quilter. I say “fairly new” because I am on my second quilt. I am really hoping I can finish this one..  Since I am so new to this, I don’t really have a lot of advice for other new quilters.. At least not yet.. But I will try to post things as I learn them.

Here are some pictures of the quilt I am working on now.. along with Oliver.. He’s such a goofball!


He’s sound asleep, what a cutie! Now to ease my blocks out from under him!


Above is a half quilted block. I am using the big rectangle block pattern from But I am doing it as Quilt as You Go using a walking foot and serpentine stitch. The last quilt I made had a lot more blocks and I had some cutting issues, so I decided to follow a real easy beginner pattern this time.


I was afraid the pretty bird material would get lost if I quilted on top of it, but I think it adds more than detracts. I am actually pretty excited about it! I just hope it turns out much better than my last quilt.  I call that one “the loser quilt”. You will understand why when you see the pictures..  I never finished it. I didn’t square off my blocks so none of the seams match up and I screwed up the binding.. Here are a few pictures below..

IMG_5881 IMG_5882 IMG_5883

See, the seams are all crooked and the binding is awful. And i put two colors too close together.. I don’t think I will ever finish it because it’s a hot mess.. And I don’t really like the fabric I picked out for it. I liked it when I was picking it out, but altogether the colors are too stodgy. I was trying to find something to match my living room colors so it will look nice and blend in. This new quilt has brighter fresher colors and I like it tons better.

Well, I will post again when I get the quilting finished and the blocks sewn together.



4 thoughts on “New Quilt

  1. Don’t be sad about your first quilt. Think about all the amazing things you learned! And you enjoyed it enough to try again, so that’s a wonderful thing. The new quilt has delicious colors. The bird fabric is special, too. I hope you enjoy this. And remember, even if you make a ton of mistakes on this one, you’re still learning. I felt like a beginner for dozens of quilts. It just takes time, patience, and a good sense of humor. 🙂

  2. Oliver carries on the time-worn tradition of Cat Hair Embellishment. No project can be considered final until decorated as such. Furry = authentic.

    I have a similar First Quilt in my closet. It has many uses: laying out on in front of fireplace (catches molten marshmallow drips very well); storing behind car seat for sudden impulses to sit on the grass in the summertime; emergency living room recliner cover for when you’re filthy from the garden but just too tired to remove anything before sitting down with a glass of iced tea; tablecloth for that ancient-looking picnic table you found in the back of the park; butt protector when you gotta sit on stone steps or marble for an outdoor concert or fireworks; seat cover for car for the time you decide to jump into the lake on a whim during that cookout; thermal insulation device to wrap ice cream and other frozen stuff in for the drive home from the supermarket in late July; thermal insulation for keeping hot casserole warm on the way to the barbecue potluck; craft table cover for when you’ve got company coming and you don’t have time to clean up your creative frenzy into attractive piles.

    Etc., etc.

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